BIar seNyUman TErukir DiBibIrmu YAng MenaWan


LATELY, hackers grows like mushroom after rain what in malay said "bagai cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan". we have good hackers and bad hackers. but the most what i afraid about hackers is when they.arghhhhhhhhhhh hacked my facebook account. wowowowowowowow. this previous week, my facebook account always hacked by someone that i don't know who are they. but i know they just kidding with me and i don,t care about that. hahahahahaha. my friends know who i am. i'm not post anything weird in my facebook wall especially a romantic word or "ayat-ayat jiwang" because I'm rockers beb. hohohohohohhoho. okeh you can see the picture below, what the hackers had done to me. hohohohoho

 this is seriously not me...waaaaaa

my frieds respond to the "MY" post

another friends respond....

although is good. but this also not me...

this is seriously not me. the ayat jiwang-jiwang

so as the reminders to all facebook users. always your facebook account..bye
AKu HaNya MAnusIA BiaSA YAnG teRCAri-Cari keHiduPAn Yang DAmaI Di MUkA BUmI ciPTaan ALLAH yanG mAHa BEsaR


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